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Escape to Elissa

Get Outdoors! Book an immersive escape room game, part hiking adventure & scavenger hunt Ages 12+

  • 2 hr
  • $8 per person
  • Conway Road

Service Description

Amidst the picturesque landscape of Bates Farm in North Alabama lies the fabled Land of Elissa, a realm steeped in mystical beauty and untamed wonders. However, darkness and despair have befallen Elissa's lands due to an ancient curse unleashed by the mischievous sorcerer Morlock. In this enchanting setting, each group of intrepid individuals will be gifted an old letter that reveals the forgotten lore of Elissa. Driven by a determination to restore the farm's former glory, they embark on a daring quest, following the letter's cryptic clues. With each conquered puzzle, the adventurers restore fragments of Elissa's magic, illuminating the once desolate fields of Bates Farm with hope and light. Their teamwork and cooperation become paramount in breaking the curse and banishing Morlock's darkness forever. "Escape to Elissa" is part immersive escape game part hiking adventure, and part scavenger game, inviting daring souls to step into the shoes of these brave adventurers. They will face intellectual challenges, tests of resolve, and forge lasting friendships within the enchanting world of Elissa. Dragons soar, gnomes share wisdom, fairies dance under moonlit nights, and hidden fairy doors lead to extraordinary realms, beckoning all who seek the magic and wonder of the Land of Elissa. Approximately 1 mile of walking. Recommend closed toed, comfortable shoes and pants.

Contact Details

  • Bates-Farm, Conway Road, Decatur, AL, USA

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